Accellos Warehouse Management

21st century productivity, efficiency and visibility in multiple warehouses.

Accellos One 3PL

The Mullica Hill Group operates Accellos One 3PL warehouse management software. This management system enables the Group to operate in a dynamic environment, satisfying many customers' varying needs. Accellos improves accuracy, productivity and efficiency within the warehouse.

Access to the system by customers is 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The system provides:

  • An inventory management hierarchy that is client specific using each customer's own terminology
  • Personalized self service reporting
  • On demand supply chain visibility
  • Workflow assurance
  • Automated report delivery
  • Document management

Customizing our services to a variety of supply chain and specific product needs requires both management skills and very flexible tools. Accellos One 3PL provides the tools. It is ideal for managing multiple clients, multiple facilities with multiple work flows and varying degrees of automation with one single solution.


Evista is an Accellos software module. It provides customers with online access to their inventory, inbound and outbound orders (and the status of those orders), receipts, (and the status of those receipts). Invoices are also available.

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