Customer Service

A focus on customer requirements that make all the difference.

Customized Solutions

The hallmark of The Mullica Hill Group is to individually tailor its services to each customer. Beginning with pricing schedules and structure, and continuing through invoices and reporting, everything is customized to your specifications. We are relentlessly flexible in understanding your needs. Our procedures and standards have been refined to such an extent that we now have extensive sub-sets, specific, custom requirements designed for individual customers. Plus, when you need access to the highest level decision-makers, the owners are available.

We track your products from terminal to end user, paying special attention to its release status at the ports we serve. And, we address our customers' customers' needs, serving the entire supply chain.

Food Safety

We are well known for our food safety initiatives. Our seal verification and FCG program provide excellent traceability from one end of the supply chain to the other.

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