End to End Solutions

Expanding the role of transportation and warehousing in the supply chain.

Integrated Services

Developing and mastering the processes required by our customers' supply chains is central to our success. We are third party logistics providers for the supply chain of chilled and frozen products of all kinds. We're experts at what we do and try hard to understand the key challenges of our customers. We've been working in this focused way for three generations.

Since there are many variations in the supply chains of our customers, we adapt our services to the needs of each. We coordinate incoming products with customers over seas and in the U.S. We receive, store, perform various value-added services and distribute finished or nearly-finished products. We also offer sophisticated tracking and tracing ability, real-time visibility of inventory, specific packaging and we fulfill unique security requirements. These functions are outsourced to Mullica Hill because, in many cases, we perform them better and more efficiently than by contracting with a large number of vendors or by performing them under our customers' roofs.

Of course, we are never the entire process. So we've developed real expertise in maintaining business relationships that extend beyond traditional business-to-business boundaries. We help customers organize and coordinate their product handling through a chain of differing transportation, storage and processing needs. This coordination is global for many of our customers.

On either end of the supply chains that The Mullica Hill Group manages are both rail and truck transportation. We operate our own refrigerated trucks (over-the-road and drayage), offer on-demand transportation for customers, maintain shuttle services and a shipper's pool. For more information, see the "Transportation & Logistics" tab at the top of this page.

Know Your Customer

We take understanding our customers' perspectives seriously. For instance, in 2006 Daniel and Jeffrey Sorbello spent three months working in a customer's Australian packing house. The experience included time in the warehouse, offal packing area, the kill floor, at the food service company and feed lot. Time was also set aside for both of these third-generation Sorbellos to understand the acquisitions process of a Sydney-based partner. The perspective both gained continues to prove to be invaluable.

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