FIFO Management

Automating the process so that customers can focus on their customers.

Automating the Process

FIFO management of inventory is the most common method of handling refrigerated items. It is generally accepted that this system of moving perishable goods works best. The Mullica Hill Group's systems track FIFO data at a case level and automatically ship to our customer's requirements. All that is necessary is item, quantity and consignee information for shipments to be made under complete FIFO control.

We can also customize FIFO rules to suit specific needs. Exceptions can be made, as part of our process for an individual customer, that alters standard FIFO rules by consignee, item, by mandated shelf life and a number of other factors.

Costs & Value

Automating FIFO management reduces the workload of our customers by eliminating the tracking and scheduling the system otherwise requires. It simplifies shipping instructions and, since all of our processes are traceable, adds value to every customer order.

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