After three generations of growing peaches, the Sorbellos understand chilled fruit.

A Unique Perspective

The Sorbello family, owners of The Mullica Hill Group, have been farmers for three generations. In fact, fruit farming launched their refrigerated warehousing business. As a result, the family is in a unique position to understand the various needs of growers.

For instance, the longer refrost cycles of the Group's warehouses keeps humidity levels from fluctuating as they do in other facilities. Both humidity and temperature are constantly monitored and we segregate fruits that are ethalene-sensitive from those that produce this potentially damaging gas. Finally, our very fast air exchange capabilities make it possible to reduce the temperature of products quickly once they are received.


Handling fruit offers very special challenges. The process of hand-sorting, while maintaining strict quality control, then weighing and repacking is one best left to the experienced. What's more, the tight range of temperature that these products require must be carefully monitored at all times.

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