Loading Docks

Reducing turnaround time with scores of docking bays.

Loading & Unloading

There are 51 loading dock doors at the Mullica Hill Group facilities. These open into 50-foot-deep, refrigerated dock areas. The refrigeration (the dock is kept between 36° and 40° F) maintains product integrity and minimizes thermal shock. Our deep load and unload areas result in demonstrably shorter truck waiting times. We use Blue Giant dock levelers. These offer greater capacities to suit demanding cross-docking applications. Because there is more space above and below the leveler, pit-mounted levelers have greater working ranges and more adaptability.


The considerable majority of USDA inspection at the Mullica Hill Group occurs in our Mullica Hill, NJ facilities. Inspections by the FDA are almost exclusively handled in our Pedricktown, NJ facility. The effect is to focus expertise and our two USDA inspection stations in one location. By limiting the Pedricktown warehouse to FDA inspections (which are less frequent) very time-sensitive products move quickly through this facility.

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