Master Pallet Tag

Capturing case-level data per pallet, load, lot and container.

Food Safety & Security

A growing awareness of food safety issues, coupled with rising government standards, has lead The Mullica Hill Group to escalate its already high level of quality control and traceability. Our Master Pallet Tag plays an important role in our array of procedures. It captures case-level data on a per pallet, per load, per lot, per container basis that is transmitted via EDI. This reporting of symmetric information is critical in managing the food supply chain.

Data describing cases is inputted into our system and linked to barcodes affixed to each case. If requested, we can link each case to its pallet, lot and container.

Data Points

  • Depending on a packer's needs, each case can be linked to the following data describing that case:

    • Pack Date
    • Serial Number
    • Carton ID
    • Batch Number
    • Production Date
    • Shipping Container Code
    • Net Weight (kilo)
    • Net Weight (lbs)

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