USDA Meat Inspection

Two on-site facilities are fully integrated into our end-to-end solution.

The World's Largest Import Inspection Provider

Since 1978 the Mullica Hill Group has coordinated imported beef inspection services. The three USDA inspection facilities on-site are integrated into the planning, scheduling and shipping services the Group provides so that timely, and often urgent, inspection services can be provided. Recognized globally as a leading partner in this specialized trade, the Group's customers benefit from extraordinary experience and knowledge. As important, the service's integration into the quality control and scheduling processes throughout the Mullica Hill operation adds immeasurably to its value.

Today, the Mullica Hill Group inspects more imported meats than any other USDA inspection house in the United States. In the unlikely event of USDA deficiencies, the Group has the knowledge and tools to guide customers through the appropriate, efficient and timely responses that circumstances require.

  • USDA Inspection facilities: I-182
  • US Customs Bonding: 110305624
  • FDA Registered

Mullica Hill & the USDA

The Mullica Hill Group's long relationship with the USDA technical center insures customers are alerted to significant changes in regulations. The Group is regularly consulted on pending issues and monitors all appropriate rulings and directives so that our customers are "ahead of the curve."

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