Meat Testing

Confirming the value of meats on behalf of importers.

Complete Results in 72 Hours

Mullica Hill Group offers importers the opportunity to confirm the numerical value of their meat product through fat/lean meat analysis testing.

Strictly adhering to the Meat Importers Council of America guidelines throughout our testing process, we can routinely offer our clients the quickest and most accurate results possible. We offer on-site, core sampling in the four dedicated testing rooms at the Group warehouses or off-site in the tri-state area comprising New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Delaware.

Our unique specialty lies in our ability to expedite the customer's request for product testing. To expeditiously achieve this we have invested in a customized vehicle, which is an approved USDA mobile unit. This mobile unit is a self-contained, clean environment which implements all the by-laws and up-to-date amendments issued by MICA.

Receiving results on fat/lean testing was once a time-consuming process. The Group's service routinely receives preliminary results in under 48 hours and complete results within 72 hours, an amazing improvement over the one to two week time period which was previously commonplace. We guarantee that product stored in our facilities will be tested within 24 hours of a request. These samples are sent daily to a MICA-approved laboratory. Off-site requests require appointments at the designated facility so that the product can be available for drilling. Our mobile unit expedites this process, avoiding disruption at the facility caused by testing technicians on the workplace floor.

Mullica Hill Group Experience

Time is money in the competitive meat commodities market and no one performs fat/lean core sampling faster.

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