MHCS - Pedricktown

The Mullica Hill Group's newest facility greatly expands warehouse and trucking capacity.

A Technological Wonder Serving Customers

The Mullica Hill Group's newest facility is in Pedricktown, New Jersey. This 126,000 square foot warehouse is strategically located, accessible to the ports of Maryland, Delaware, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and New York. The warehouse has 50-foot ceilings and high-density push back racking. It has high-velocity, freon based air handlers. Pedricktown has repack and re-handling rooms and a complete "pick" operation. It includes a large yard and truck maintenance center.

The facility is also our headquarters and provides 10,000 square feet of office space for the logistics team, dispatch office, customer service, clerical and executive staff. The are training and conference areas. This building also houses systems that monitor all the Mullica Hill Group satellite campuses to ensure operations and environmental conditions are optimal throughout the system.

  • Cubic Feet of Refrigeration: 6.3 million
  • Pallet Positions: 22,000
  • Loading Dock Doors: 21
  • Refrigerated Rooms: 3
  • U.S. Customs Bonded: 9907BR121
  • FDA Registration: 12158449766
  • NJ Department of Health: 2000079


Pedricktown offers customers material virtually every handling option available. The facility routinely case pick to consolidate pallets. We also weigh, bag, repack, label and inkjet products. And our direct-to-consumer services complete complex supply chains that begin in ports worldwide.

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