Pictorial Program

Documenting the condition of containers as they are unloaded.

Documenting Deliveries

Products received by The Mullica Hill Group are immediately documented via our Pictorial Program. This program involves digital photographs of every container as it is opened, the container's identifying number, the load temperature on arrival, plus photos of cartons as they appear when the container was opened. We also record damaged, crushed and torn cartons before unloading them.

There are several benefits to this record. Shipper, customer and warehouse disputes can be quickly and accurately resolved. Customers also become aware of problems quickly. Email alerts are sent as soon as pictures are uploaded for viewing (invariably before the USDA inspects a delivery). Communication can also take place among decision-makers at a customer's place of business, with links to photos of specific containers available. All this information is secure and private.


The temperature of a received shipment is recorded.

Temperature Reading

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