Quality Control

Pioneers in standardizing quality control amongst the very best.

A Tradition of Quality Assurance

The Mullica Hill Group pioneered in the standardization and documentation of refrigerated warehousing procedures over 20 years ago. In 1999 the Group became the first refrigerated warehouse to be ISO Certified. To this day, the documentation that governs our every step is improved constantly. Our standards have been refined to such an extent that we now have extensive sub-sets, specific, custom requirements designed for individual customers.

Our documented work instructions include the following detailed processes:

  • Warehouse Receiving of Pre-palletized Loads
  • Customs Hold Procedures
  • Seal Verification Program
  • Lumping Procedures
  • COP Pallet Program
  • Warehouse Receiving of Imported Floor Loaded Products
  • Product Temperature Verification
  • USDA Procedures
  • Lab Hold Procedure
  • Guarantee Hold Procedure
  • Refused Entry Procedure
  • Inbound Pictorial Program
  • FDA Procedures
  • Control of Non-conforming Product or Equipment
  • Return Product Procedure
  • Meat Testing
  • Meat Tempering
  • Temperature Monitoring of Tempering Meat
  • Chilled to Frozen Process
  • Procedure for Outbound Domestic Loads
  • Procedure for Outbound Export Loads


From time to time, third parties audit our procedures, facilities and safety. In one extensive third-party audit by a major customer of our importer, The Mullica Hill Group was rated the highest among all refrigerated warehouses, world-wide. In fact, we were told that our rating was the highest in the history of this third party's rating experience, among all warehouses.

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