Racking Systems

Unusual flexibility in a variety of racking sytems suitable for a variety of products.

Push-Back Racking

The ongoing trend in logistics management is to steadily improve on just-in-time inventory strategies by reducing in-process inventory. The effect of this strategy is to decrease the quantity of any one item shipped and to increase the number of different items in a load. To accommodate and speed this process, we use push-back racks which make for very efficient storage and retrieval. The vast majority of all Mullica Hill Group's racking is of the push-back design. Eighty percent of all racks are push-back, and ninety-five percent of the racking in our newest, Pedricktown facility is of this kind.

Pictured above, our Pedricktown facility has 96-inch high racking capacity throughout, making us flexible enough for a wide variety of pallet heights.

Efficient Cooling

Our push-back design (with a narrow aisle configuration) and heights reaching 504 inches also maximize storage volume. This storage density reduces refrigeration costs and therefore the costs to our customers.

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