Refrigeration Systems

State-of-the-art equipment and fully automated remote monitoring.

Backup Capacity Everywhere


Our Pedricktown facility uses a Frick Central Freon reciprocating refrigeration system that has the capacity to maintain temperatures as low as -15° F. The system includes three rotary compressors, one that runs full time; a second that runs when required; and a third as backup. It is ammonia-free and electronically monitored at all times, both locally and remotely.

Mullica Hill Facilities

This facility is a split freon reciprocating system that is ammonia-free and monitored both remotely and locally, 24/7.


All the Mullica Hill Group refrigeration systems are monitored for operational integrity and out-of-range temperatures by selected operations personnel via cell phone alerts. In addition, the commpanys security provider is also alerted and can log into our systems, monitor specific equipment performance and dispatch service personnel as needed.

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