A wide array of services: saving time, manpower and processing facilities.

Far-Reaching Services

The Mullica Hill Group's services are far-reaching. Because a considerable portion of our operations revolve around meat and seafood products, especially imported foods, we are expecially expert in the customs and inspection requirements of the U.S. government. Similarly, we test, sample, process and broadly add value to our customers' goods throughout the supply chain.

Our services include a number of handling processes, as well. We repack, label and inject as well as case-pick for efficient delivery.

Finally, we coordinate with the transportation needs of our customers. We expedite their operations with our drop trailer program and shipper's pool. Plus, our full-scale refrigerated trucking operations supplement the local and long-range deliveries required.

Visibility & Tracking

  • Our services are constantly monitored, both by our systems and our customers. 21st century logistics makes visibility and accountability paramount. In addition to our core management software, we also manage information with some unique tracking and quality control methods. They include:

    • Pictorial Program
    • Seal Verification
    • Code of Practice Samples
    • Master Pallet Tags

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