Tempering & Blast Freezing

Saving customers time, money and valuable production space.

Computer-Controlled Meat Tempering

Mullica Hill Group provides computer-controlled meat tempering that is state-of-the-art. Our process saves customers time, money and valuable production space by properly preparing deliveries before they are received for processing. This service avoids the capital improvements customer micro-waving involves, saves labor and re-handling costs as well as limits the energy expense of operating micro-waving technology.

Mullica Hill offers a choice of methods for tempering meats. The first and most cost-effective, is bulk tempering of full pallets in a temperature-controlled, forced-air environment. The second is "tray tempering" where spacers are positioned between each layer of product on each pallet. Tempering time is reduced by increased air flow and the resulting tempering is more consistent, case to case. Mullica Hill is the pre-eminent developer of advanced tray tempering techniques and is a pioneer in this process.

Our tempering facility includes 800 pallet positions. Our RC-2000 regulates four strategically located 50K BTU electric heaters in harmony with our 80 horsepower refrigeration in order to maintain a constant 28-30° F ambient air temperature. Thirteen high speed fans create the convection necessary to hasten tempering without the loss of any blood from the packing. The Mullica Hill Group tempers 1.5 million pounds of product per week.

Our data loggers provide client access to temperature data so that the progress and demands of the process are available. We offer three free test loads for new customers.

Blast Freezing

Blast freezing or "quick freezing," allows us to handle up to 300 pallet positions simultaneously. Products normally blast frozen are meats, poultry, seafood, egg products and certain vegetables. Our blast freezing room (-25° F) brings food to a frozen state very quickly.

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